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Target says hackers got in by using a vendor’s testimonial

Target didn’t specify how the theft was carried out nor what portal the thieves crept in through to commit the massive theft, which Target first established in mid-December. But even though goal didn’t give any details of the theft-via-vendor news, … Continue reading

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Thieves scan card data from US gas stations via Bluetooth-enabled strategy

ATMs are usually made of molded plastic and have to be attached onto cash machine hardware. The color and texture could well not match, the fit likely won’t be exact, and the skimmer could be a little loose. In fact, … Continue reading

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Spammers take over Tweets Styles with attractive hashtags

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through Tweetland, London saw some odd hashtags, sent out from spam brands. According to the Guardian, Londoners awoke on Friday morning to find their automatically generated trending topics lists stuffed with sexy tags.Namely, … Continue reading

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Chess CAPTCHA – a serious defense against spammers?

CAPTCHAs – the concerns that a web page requests you to response to confirm if you’re a person or not – come in many types and sizes. Although they most generally ask you to figure out some terms invisible in … Continue reading

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Acai Berry fake news website providers penalized huge amount of money by FTC

Have you seen this online information review about the amazing Acai berry Berries diet? You may have seen it on a web page like “News 6 News Signals,” “Health News Wellness Signals,” or “Health 5 Defeat Wellness News”. Maybe you … Continue reading

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Google reveals a pharmacy? It’s trash of the day

Is the search engines really increasing its on the internet kingdom, and starting an on the internet pharmacy? Of course not. So don’t believe spammed-out messages like the following: Do you observe how the spammers have modified the “o”s in … Continue reading

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