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Twitter make good on assure to make violence reports easier and more obvious

Twitter posts has resided up to its guarantee, created monthly ago, to learn effectively and more apparent how to review harassing details released on its microblogging website. The mixture of Twitter’s brief details, great amounts and “always signed in” design … Continue reading

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League of Stars compromised, salted security passwords and bank card numbers stolen

Riot Games has verified that a recent protection violation impacting Northern American players of its Group of Stars real-time strategy activity has led to many users’ private details being utilized. A lots of details has been thieved such as actual … Continue reading

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Facebook user’s worldwide now getting secure web browsing by default

The site confined your password during login using HTTPS, but left the rest of your session unencrypted. Fire sheep was free as a proof of concept that sniffing an unencrypted session after login was all an attacker desirable to hijack … Continue reading

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Twitter hands over data to unmask racist users

Twitter posts, ordered by a London assess in Jan to unmask images of improper material on its France service, has given up its fight and handed it over. The situation goes returning to Oct, when Le Univers released this collection … Continue reading

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Google $6m SMS spam suit approaching payment time

A category activity judge action lawsuit introduced against Search engines for huge SMS bombarding is illustrating to a close, with any listening to the other day maintaining the $6 thousand contract finance decided a year ago. The money will be … Continue reading

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FT hacked – Syrian Digital Military hijacks Financial Times weblogs and Tweets accounts

The Syrian Digital Military has hit again – this time including the head of the famous Financial Times to its collection of hi-jacked records that belong to well-known press organizations. Hackers from the Syrian Digital Military appear to have thieved … Continue reading

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22 thousand customer IDs may be in the arms of online hackers, after yahoo Japan protection breach

The call has gone out to Google Japan’s 200 thousand customers to change their protection passwords, after the organization cautioned that it alleged online hackers had handled to accessibility a data file containing 22 thousand customer IDs. Yahoo Asia says … Continue reading

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The LulzSec hackers weren’t noble

LulzSec Hacking case: “But do you experience there is something royal about the lulzsec cause, and getting details to the masses?” The discussion goes that LulzSec were just a lot of media-savvy fun-time people, having a have a good laugh … Continue reading

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US Division of Work website compromised, serves virus, now fixed

You may have study about the US Division of Perform “getting hacked”. It’s real, but luckily the tale is not quite as gory as it appears to be in those two eventful terms.A subdomain of the Division’s primary web page, … Continue reading

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Guardian Tweets records hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army

Twitter posts records that belong to The Protector paper have dropped at the arms of online hackers that belong to the Syrian Digital Military. The online hackers have been making a addiction of splitting into well-known Twitter posts records in … Continue reading

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