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EFCC Arraigns Man over N25m Scam Fraud

On Monday, February 16, 2015 EFCC arraigned one Imeh Albert Akpan, director of Commodore Aviation Services before Justice D. K Senchi of the FCT High Court sitting in Apo, Abuja, on a two-count accuse bordering on criminal breach of trust … Continue reading

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CAN-SPAM spammers with a feeling of humor

The CAN-SPAM act, approved in the U. s. Declares in 2003, hasn’t done much to prevent the spammers here. Although Indian took the top as the spammiest country this year the USA is returning on top so far in 2013. … Continue reading

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Telvent Smart Grid networks hacked

Telvent is the company which maintains the Industrial control systems that remotely controls the Smart Grid networks. Smart Grid networks are used in parts of the electric gridiron. Telvent has informed its customer that on Sep 10th they noticed that … Continue reading

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Aware: Royal Mail emails carries malware

Sophos website, warns all the internet users to be careful of an email stating to be from Royal Mail containing malware that destroys your computer. The cybercriminals who have spread the malware email are playing on your inquisitiveness and eager … Continue reading

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HMRC phishing scam promise finish of year repayment

Emails are at present circulating that claim to be sent by the UK tax organization HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). These e-mails claim that the recipient is entitled to take delivery of a tax refund and that he or she … Continue reading

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Terrible blog leaving approximately about you? Or a Twitter phishing assault?

You might not realize it, but your Twitter account is value money. Cybercriminals are eager to cooperation your Twitter account, so they can spam out in the expect that some recipient will tick on the links. What dishonesty at the … Continue reading

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Sleazy topic outline spammed out with malware

Would records with names like Love-Spots.bat,, and pique your interest? If so, your behavior could be put your computer’s security at hazard. Cybercriminals are spamming out a malicious Trojan horse in big numbers right now, by a variety … Continue reading

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Hours worn out on Twitter? Don’t click on scam scattering virally on Twitter

An additional rogue request is dispersion between gullible Twitter users, claiming to tell you how many hours you have exhausted on the network. The post all look pretty alike, and use a at present trending topic such as Richard Dawkins, … Continue reading

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British woman Mary little falls for scam

A British business woman Mary Little who planned introverted into a new life with her new found internet lover has been scammed of $100,000. She had transferred part of her lifelong savings to her supposed lover, Frederick Stalke, a retiring … Continue reading

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Verizon Continues SMS Spam Suits

Verizon Wireless is continuing its crackdown on wireless scams with a Tuesday lawsuit against several companies accused of sending unsolicited, mortgage-related text messages. Verizon filed suit against Pennsylvania-based Money Warehouse, Inc., known as All State Mortgage Lender, and other unnamed … Continue reading

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