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Target says hackers got in by using a vendor’s testimonial

Target didn’t specify how the theft was carried out nor what portal the thieves crept in through to commit the massive theft, which Target first established in mid-December. But even though goal didn’t give any details of the theft-via-vendor news, … Continue reading

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Thieves scan card data from US gas stations via Bluetooth-enabled strategy

ATMs are usually made of molded plastic and have to be attached onto cash machine hardware. The color and texture could well not match, the fit likely won’t be exact, and the skimmer could be a little loose. In fact, … Continue reading

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Marketers, IT service provider arrested in theft of 20 million South Korean credit cards

At least 40% of South Korea’s entire population – some 20 million people – have hadtheir names, social protection numbers and credit card details ripped off and sold to advertising firms in the nation’s biggest-ever theft of personal information. It’s … Continue reading

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Cyberpunk hi-jacked YouTube programs to dairy AdSense for money

A US man, Matthew A. Buchanan, has confessed that he and his accomplices jimmied start YouTube records via Google password-reset procedure of restoration and then set the YouTube programs up with AdSense to dairy them of at least $55,897 (£33,891). … Continue reading

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Spammers take over Tweets Styles with attractive hashtags

Twas the week before Christmas, when all through Tweetland, London saw some odd hashtags, sent out from spam brands. According to the Guardian, Londoners awoke on Friday morning to find their automatically generated trending topics lists stuffed with sexy tags.Namely, … Continue reading

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LinkedIn users sue more than service’s “hacking”

Brian Guan, a Principal Software Engineer at Linkedln (currently on sabbatical) said it all when he described his part on the site. Creating crack techniques to create plenty of $$$ with Coffee, Cool and clever at Group Money! Mind you, … Continue reading

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Twitter make good on assure to make violence reports easier and more obvious

Twitter posts has resided up to its guarantee, created monthly ago, to learn effectively and more apparent how to review harassing details released on its microblogging website. The mixture of Twitter’s brief details, great amounts and “always signed in” design … Continue reading

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League of Stars compromised, salted security passwords and bank card numbers stolen

Riot Games has verified that a recent protection violation impacting Northern American players of its Group of Stars real-time strategy activity has led to many users’ private details being utilized. A lots of details has been thieved such as actual … Continue reading

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Facebook user’s worldwide now getting secure web browsing by default

The site confined your password during login using HTTPS, but left the rest of your session unencrypted. Fire sheep was free as a proof of concept that sniffing an unencrypted session after login was all an attacker desirable to hijack … Continue reading

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