South Korea – Virus to infect enemies

South Korea is looking to expand a Stuxnet-like virus in order to do just what that earlier cyberweapon did in 2010: attack an enemy’s nuclear facilities. Stuxnet is widely believed to have been formed by the US and Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.

South Korea’s long-term plan includes developing malware to cripple North Korea’s missile and atomic services, information, along with fortifying its psychological warfare ability to paralyze the origin of a cyberattack.

In spite of those obligations, more than a dozen members of the cyber command’s psychological warfare unit have been under inquiry by military prosecutors for allegedly posting politically charged mail online against the opposition camp and its applicant ahead of the 2012 vote.

At any rate, even if South Korea manages to both generate a cyberweapon on par with Stuxnet and to impose a cone of silence and/or confusion around its own potential whistleblowers, the country might well have to deal with their Stuxnet-like weapon’s Stuxnet-like side effects.

When the engineer cut off his computer and took it home, Stuxnet was let out of its cage, didn’t notice that it wasn’t in an Iranian nuclear facility anymore, and blithely continued to infect SCADA systems, eventually infecting an undetermined amount of computers – estimated to be in the series of tens of thousands of computers around the globe.

Stuxnet was primarily designed to sabotage industrial machinery. Duqu looked to be designed for espionage, mainly information connected to industrial systems – potentially information that could fuel future attacks similar to those of Stuxnet.

In additional words, if South Korea recreates Stuxnet, there’s reason to fear that it could unleash a whole fresh Pandora’s box full of related malware.

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