Hacker plead responsible to attack on UK Police, Oxbridge university websites

A 21-year-old English man has asked for forgiveness accountable to expenses that he attempt to bring down a number of sites, such as those that belong to Oxford and Arlington colleges, as well as the site from the London Authorities who eventually caught him.

Lewys Stephen Martin was billed last Nov, following an research by London Police’s Special Division research team, and the London Cops Digital Forensic Unit.

Investigators discovered that Martin had used the online alias “Sl1ink” when he anonymously approached the press, declaring to have closed down the London Cops website.

According to a police declaration, the school and police sites were only momentarily disturbed and were not affected during the strike.

Nevertheless, district attorney Ken Goss said that both colleges approximated that they invested roughly two weeks’ worth of man hours, working with the strikes.

At Maidstone Top Court, Martin asked for forgiveness accountable to a total of nine charges:

five matters of “unauthorised functions with purpose to damage function of or prevent/hinder accessibility a computer”
two matters of “unauthorised pc accessibility with purpose to make other offences”
one depend of “unauthorised pc accessibility with purpose to make other offences”
one depend of “unauthorised accessibility pc material”

Martin is planned to be sentenced in May.

Hopefully, if you are a regular audience of Undressed Security, you will know by now that denial-of-service strikes are against the law in many nations around the world, and recognise that the repercussions of playing such strikes can result in a jail phrase.

Just because something is easy to do via the internet, doesn’t mean it should be done.

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