Symantec and Unknown slip out over Trojanised hack-tool download

Today I was contacted by a local security author for my ideas about a latest maintain by Symantec. Seemingly, practitioners of unknown, eager to be a part of DDoS problems using the notorious Slowloris device, had instead been deceived by opportunistic cyber crooks into setting up malware

The lies of Unknown practitioners started on Jan 20, 2012, the day of the FBI Mega upload raid. An enemy took a popular PasteBin guideline, used by Unknown associates for setting up and using the DoS device Slowloris, and customized it. In this customized edition, the enemy modified the obtain website weblink to a Trojanized edition of the Slowloris device with corresponding textual content…

But Symantec’s consideration was quickly and anonymously (who would have thought?) declined as incorrect and libelous:

(I wonder if the litigants in this Twitter will ever out themselves in a city trial in the Condition of Florida to create their situation against Symantec. That would be one to watch!)There’s a community of caution in this tale, whatever way you look at it.

If you respond to an advertisement from an mysterious individual on a sociable networking by installing an mysterious system from an unverifiable web page weblink downloaded to an untrusted web page by an mysterious individual…

…what do you really anticipate to happen?

The response, of course, is, “Anything and everything!”

And if your objective was, in any situation, to obtain and set up Slowloris, look in the reflection and ask yourself some concerns.

Do you really want to affiliate yourself with application which freely claims itself to be a low bandwith, yet selfish and harmful HTTP client?

Do you really consider yourself and capitalist by attractive and using such software?

Or are you just converting yourself into yet another online vandal covering behind a smokescreen of privacy to offer the not sure requirements of individuals unknown? As our affiliate Graham lately had written, on the 20th wedding birthday of the Michelangelo virus:

One amazing things what fun can be really had from a computer viruses which represents such a key landmark in virus’s record as Michelangelo, if you can’t ever tell anyone that it was you who designed it.

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