Enormous Malware plan Spammed

Commtouch Labs intercept many phishing e-mails that it analyze throughout the past many days and found that they carried web-links connecting to huge malware-laden documents. The company also found that these spam mails in an huge scale were trickle into users’ inboxes daily.

Exhibit a caption: “Need your help!!” the malicious e-mail campaign consists of two familiar versions. One of them involve an e-mail, which address the recipient tells him that the writer has got a bill he isn’t familiar with, thus wonders if the reader prearranged no matter which. Then he refers to a given web-link, actually containing malware as the bill and needs for an early reply since the amount is huge, while the payment is demanded right away, the e-mail conclude.

Meanwhile, a dissimilar account of the e-mail describes a more disgraceful tale wherein the e-mail sender requires the recipient assistance in recognize an individual who evaded the traffic signal at the time of driving the former to his house.

Specially according to this e-mail sender, as in a party he drink very and became unable of driving his motorcar so someone second-hand it to take him home, but that person violated the traffic signal. Thereafter the writer says that right now he has the photograph of the person whom the e-mail recipient may know, which for viewing he requires click a web-link Moreover, the writer requires locating the man right away, it’s written.

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