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Hacking meeting room videoconferencing system

Video conference equipment. ShutterstockHacker HD Moore, the maker of Metasploit and chief safety officer at Rapid7, has established that videoconferencing equipment is frequently left broad open for hackers to move stealthily in and peep around organization. As described in a … Continue reading

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Free of charge present card endorsement is a Face book scam

Gift card scams are a ordinary sight on Face book, and this weekend it has been the turn of to be the brand used by cybercriminals as a method of creation them cash. One Free Gift Card (limited … Continue reading

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Romanian NASA hacker get balanced three-year verdict

A 26-year-old Romanian man who admit to hacking into NASA servers has conventional a three-year balanced prison sentence, while his lawful team is demanding NASA‘s injure claims of $580,000, according to a medium reports. The convict hacker, Robert Butyka, was … Continue reading

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Trojan may have stolen statistics from Japanese space agency

JAXA Japanese space engineers have exposed a Trojan on an employee’s processor and confirmed that hackers may have smuggled out login information to increase access to a cargo shuttle that carry food and equipment to the global Space Station (ISS). … Continue reading

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Google Docs – full-featured, full-service phishing ability?

These fresh phishes, however, objective two very dissimilar groups of users. The first campaign is meant at internet users of ANZ, one of the ‘big four’ Australian banks; the second is aimed at online users of the web doorway of … Continue reading

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Social media, the final career-squasher

Secret life your resume may well be spellchecked and shiny on the finest heavy-stock paper you could find, but 56% of employer is almost certainly going to augment that in order by peeking under the covers and into your potentially … Continue reading

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Oslo bombing full benefit of by Face book scammers

Primary I would like to make bigger our sympathy to the people of Oslo after the tragic bombing in their city. We desire you well in your rescue efforts and hope you are able to apprehend those accountable for this … Continue reading

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Symantec’s Norton Antivirus source code uncovered by hackers

Symantec, the maker of Norton Antivirus, has long-established that a hacking collection has gained access to some of the safety product’s source code. An Indian hacking collection, vocation itself the Lords of Dharma raja, has threatened to publicly unveil the … Continue reading

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Enormous Malware plan Spammed

Commtouch Labs intercept many phishing e-mails that it analyze throughout the past many days and found that they carried web-links connecting to huge malware-laden documents. The company also found that these spam mails in an huge scale were trickle into … Continue reading

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HMRC phishing scam promise finish of year repayment

Emails are at present circulating that claim to be sent by the UK tax organization HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). These e-mails claim that the recipient is entitled to take delivery of a tax refund and that he or she … Continue reading

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