NASA hacker under arrest, maybe it is time for some protection?

Romanian police under arrest Robert Butyka of Cluj Napoca for hack into NASA servers start in December of 2010.

Butyka, who goes by the grip Iceman, is accuse of illegal access to NASA systems, control of hacking tools and cause the deletion, alteration and restricting access to data. The charges claim that the damages cause by his attack cost about $500,000.

Butyka is being held for 24 hours awaiting additional appraisal of the case and the computer seized from his residence. This isn’t the first time NASA has been hacked, as a lot of of our readers will remember this is what at first got British hacker Gary McKinnon in stroke with the long arm of the law.

If NASA is frequently being hack to the melody of half a million dollars plus each time, shouldn’t we be asking serious questions about the security of their systems?While I agree that unauthorized access to a system is a punishable offense, isn’t there an even bigger problem lurking behind the firewalls at Cape Canaveral?

By my calculations $500,000 buys you a few top notch security experts with a fair bit of money left over for tools/software.NASA logoOf course this has happened multiple times, so perhaps we have a million or two to play with.

Wasting FBI and international law enforcement resources to continually track down attackers is a massive waste of money. If Butyka is guilty he should be punished, but we should be asking some serious questions of the administrator at NASA.

I’m afraid the old expression “An ounce of prevention is value a pound of cure” is something that should be discussed a little more often at NASA IT security.

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