Terrible blog leaving approximately about you? Or a Twitter phishing assault?

You might not realize it, but your Twitter account is value money.

Cybercriminals are eager to cooperation your Twitter account, so they can spam out in the expect that some recipient will tick on the links.

What dishonesty at the end of the links can vary? It might be a webpage contribution you a new wonder diet, or a pornographic website, or a link to a download designed to contaminate your computer.

But primary they require commandeering your Twitter account, and the simplest way for them to do this is just to ask you for your Twitter username and password.


Here’s an example of the newest assault that has been seen on Twitter. The messages arrive in the form of a straight message (DM), and have a pretty tempting reason for you to click on the link:

Read this yet? Horrible blog going around about you [LINK]

In the example above, the DM has come from an account that has by now fallen victim to the scammers.

So, what happens if you click on the link?



Well, you’ll be in use – via some redirect – to a website which looks like this.

At this point, you think that your Twitter session has timed out – and you may well be tempted to enter your use rid and password.

Did you notice? This site isn’t the real twitter.com – it’s a lookalike phishing site called “twittelr“, designed to steal your login credentials so cybercriminals can use your account to spew out spams, scams and other nasty links. They could even read you’re private DMs if they wanted.

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