IRS warns of phishing scam ?

Internal Revenue Service’s New Jersey office warns the residents about email scam which affects victims computers and try to access passwords and other personal information like bank account, credit card details etc,

Internal Revenue Service‚Äôs spokesman Gregg Semanick said: Under the scam, victims receive a valid email claiming to come from Electronic Federal Tax Payment System, saying their tax payments have been rejected. He also said, the victim is instructed to remedy the problem by clicking on a particular link, which in fact downloads malicious software into the user’s computer. That malicious software then enables scamsters to remotely access the computer and access for personal or financial information.

EFTPS is a tax payment system that allows individuals to pay federal taxes only through online or by phone. The IRS and the Financial Management Service, never communicates payment information through e-mail.

If you click an unwanted email, a malware code invades your hard drive and finds passwords and other personal or sensitive information, and relays it to the phishers. So be wary about the scammers, bogus sites and malware and never click on any links. The IRS is intimating anyone who receives such an email to forward it to

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