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IRS warns of phishing scam ?

Internal Revenue Service’s New Jersey office warns the residents about email scam which affects victims computers and try to access passwords and other personal information like bank account, credit card details etc, Internal Revenue Service‚Äôs spokesman Gregg Semanick said: Under … Continue reading

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Jewish employee held for selling secrets

(JTA) — A Jewish employee of a Boston-area Internet company was arrested on suspicion of selling confidential information to a foreign company. Elliot Doxer, 42, who works in the finance department of Akamai Technologies Inc., was charged Wednesday with wire … Continue reading

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A Nigerian scammer to be sentenced next week

A Nigerian national will be sentenced for scam and money laundering next week after extracting over US250 thousand from a Saudi Arabian man in a “419” scam, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) says. Peter Maxson Anyanyueze was convicted in the … Continue reading

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