High-Tech ATM Scam Hits NYC Banks

CBS 2 HD has a warning about using your local ATM. Thieves are installing small skimming devices on area bank machines that can steal your personal account information in a matter of seconds.

The NYPD said Monday the men are part of a sophisticated ring trying to drain money from ATM customers’ accounts at Staten Island banks going back to November of 2008. And even more criminals are at work.

Nick McGlynn was almost a victim until he noticed something was wrong with a Chase ATM at 63rd and Broadway.

“It was weird, it was scary,” McGlynn said. “I tug on the mirror; it comes right off double-sided tape, a little camera right behind it.”

McGlynn also yanked off a card skimmer that mounted right over the card slot. Lance Ulanoff, editor of PC Magazine.com, said the technology is small and inconspicuous.

When asked if the device blends right in and captures all the information, Ulanoff said, “Right and then they put that together with the video they’ve captured and they have it all.”

And can then start emptying your account. A Chase Bank spokesperson said a customer wouldn’t have to pay for the withdrawals. But at the Chase in the Kensington section of Brooklyn workers hadn’t even heard of the crime and said no one inspects their ATMs daily for any devices. But the crime is happening and high-tech.

“This is organized. This technology is very expensive,” Ulanoff said.

So look for a card reader that is loose — or just comes off. A second or oddly placed mirror on the machine could be a camera and cover your hand as you enter your pin. Also check your online bank statements often.

Authorities say once the thieves duplicate your bank card they withdraw cash in small increments so as not to raise any red flags.

SOURCE : http://wcbstv.com/topstories/atm.scam.nyc.2.1007162.html

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