iPhone Scammers Going Strong

There are many scammers online. You should really avoid taking on offers that seem to good to be true. And it probably makes sense buying iPhones from official distributors, or directly from other companies that sell them. Overall, be cautious.

Here’s the experience of a businessman from Durban, South Africa – He fell for a cheap iPhone advertisement. He answered one of these ” iPhone” ads. After paying the original price, the person he contacted told him that his boss had told him that the full amount needed to be paid and they would ship the goods only then, so the victim paid R1 600 into his account on the Monday. He then called him and told that the phone would get to buyer on coming Monday afternoon. The phone never came but the scammer contacted him again. This time he wanted shipping charges of R1 100! The businessman ended up paying the extra money. But guess what? He still did not receive the iPhone and when I tried his cell number he didn answer. The scammer eventually replied, saying “IT IS A SCAM. U CAN NEVER FIND ME. ALL INFO GIVEN TO YOU ARE FAKE. SIM CARD WILL BE DAMAGED SOON. SO DON’T CONTACT ME AGAIN. WE GOT MORE THAN 50 FAKE BANK DETAILS SO THAT IS NO PROBLEM”

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