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2008 Pie in the Sky Award winner – 1st Place

This year the award goes to a disturbing ‘advanced fee fraud’ scam. This email scam pleaded with people to help a Togo barrister access US$17 million from the estate of a man who along with his family was killed in … Continue reading

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Pie in the Sky Award

This trophy is been awarded each year for the most outrageous financial scheme that’s too good to be true.The serious purpose behind this award is to warn you about financial scams. Scamsters frequently use sophisticated props and hard sell techniques … Continue reading

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After a Disaster: Spam May Scam

Have you received unsolicited email asking for a donation to help victims of an emergency or with news about it? If so, you may have been the target of a scam. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s … Continue reading

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Unlicensed Overseas Callers – Glossary L

Landmark Mergers and Acquisitions Inc445 Park Avenue,NYC, NY, 10022 USAPh: 1 (646) LGT Capital Partners (now also known to be using the name Dartmouth Financial Inc)#Please note that this company is not connected in any way and should not … Continue reading

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Federal Reserve Board Alerts Public to Instances of Questionable Solicitations Directed at Consumers

The Federal Reserve Board on 4th November 2008 alerted the public to instances of questionable solicitations directed at consumers. These solicitations promise consumers access to personal loans through a nonexistent Federal Reserve lending program. Under this fraudulent scheme, targeted individuals … Continue reading

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Nigerian scammers break into the Face-book

The Social-networking site Face-book is riddled with the Nigerian scammers using compromised accounts to concern users out of cash. It appears that the badly-spelt slang cash requests, extends since laughed-off the Internet by anyone with even half a brain, are … Continue reading

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The "Nigerian" Scam: Costly sympathy

Nigerian advance-fee fraud has been around for many years, but now it seems to have reached out-breaking proportions: Some of the consumers have said to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that they are receiving dozens of offers a day from … Continue reading

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iPhone Scammers Going Strong

There are many scammers online. You should really avoid taking on offers that seem to good to be true. And it probably makes sense buying iPhones from official distributors, or directly from other companies that sell them. Overall, be cautious. … Continue reading

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