Email Hacking – New form of 419 Scam

Someone hacked Sara Blue’s hotmail account and sent emails to all her contacts saying that she’s in Africa and custody of some robbers and needs $2500 urgently. When people replied back to her account to confirm, the hacker responded, saying that it really was her and that she needed the money. One of her friends called her up and asked about this. Then only poor Sara came to know about the incident. As her account contained sensitive data like credit card information, she suddenly approached the mail providers to block her account. It took 48 hours to cancel the account. She had to cancel all of her credit cards, and put a fraud alert on her credit. Now she fears she is at risk for identity theft or credit fraud.

change your passwords once in 30 days. Don’t install and run software, anti-viruses or audio-video files from un-authorized people.

Anyway Sara Blue decided not to use her hotmail again.

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