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How does Nigerian Politics Influence Your Inbox?

You may never have heard of Nuhu Ribadu, but you will likely feel the impact now that he has been unceremoniously dumped from his job as head of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission in Nigeria. Just watch your e-mail … Continue reading

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Lonely Kiwis Targeted by Scammers

Police said that Nigerian scammers are cheating money off lonely, helpless Kiwis, with false promises of marriage or huge amount of money. A Porirua woman recently lost $10,000 to the scam, and an Auckland woman $70,000 and police believe many … Continue reading

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Be careful of Nigerian Scam: RBI

Losing money and feeling cheated was an old story. Now you could be struggled under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) for being a victim of the Nigerian fraud. RBI has issued a public notice guarding people against victims of … Continue reading

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Greedy Nigerian Scam Victims

A Nigerian representative told that the Australian victims of Nigerian online scams are greedy and should be jailed together with the Africans who comforted them of their cash. High Commissioner Olu Agbi told that the people who sent their money … Continue reading

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Nigerian 419 fraud from British Scammers

British scammers have their own Nigerian 419 fraud. This is working simply a more northerly version of the old Nigerian oil-lottery-estate-personal assistance e-mail scam. Phishers send e-mails to so many people telling them that they have won an extraordinary amount … Continue reading

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Email Hacking – New form of 419 Scam

Someone hacked Sara Blue’s hotmail account and sent emails to all her contacts saying that she’s in Africa and custody of some robbers and needs $2500 urgently. When people replied back to her account to confirm, the hacker responded, saying … Continue reading

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How Advance Fee Fraud Works

After a victim responds positively to an AFF letter by sending the required documentation (for example, signed company letterheads, bank account number, etc.) the hook is in. The primary reason for the documentation is not to rob the victim’s bank … Continue reading

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Friends Jailed for 15 Years for a 419 Scam

A South African and his Nigerian friend have been jailed for 15 years for a 419 scam. Jabu Nkabinde, 33, and Olusegun Justus Davies, 35, opened a bank account using a dead man’s identity and then cheated four people. They … Continue reading

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Identity Theft Victims Rights

In the United States the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) gives those who are, or believe that they have been, the victim of identity theft specific legal rights. These rights are designed to help people recover from identity theft.– One … Continue reading

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Hacked personal email accounts used for personalized 419 scam

At first glance, the email looks like a typical 419 scam. The twist is that the email came from a user’s hacked webmail account and was sent to his personal list of contacts. Friends and colleagues received the request for … Continue reading

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