Use spam filtering software

A spam filter is a piece of software that sorts incoming email messages and blocks messages it identifies as spam.

Some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer a free spam filtering service, while other ISPs offer filters for a fee. You can also purchase spam filtering software from computer shops.

While filters are useful, they sometimes fail to identify spam and mistakenly block genuine, non-spam messages. To address these problems, you can:

* direct your spam into a ‘spam folder’, rather than automatically blocking it. This way you can scan your spam folder for genuine messages that your filter may have mistakenly identified as spam.
* if you use web-based email, such as Hotmail or Yahoo, you can check whether your provider offers an anti-spam setting as part of the email service.

More information on filtering, anti-virus and personal firewall software is available on the Internet Industry Association security website at and from your local computer shop. Your ISP should also be able to offer advice on obtaining security software.

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