What is required of senders of Unsolicited Commercial E-mail?

A person who intentionally sends (or causes to be sent) an unsolicited commercial e-mail message through an e-mail service provider that the sender knew or “should have known” was located in Michigan, or to an e-mail address that the sender knew or “should have known” was held by a Michigan resident, must do the following:
  • Include in the e-mail subject line “ADV:” as the first four characters;
  • Provide the sender’s legal name, correct street address, valid Internet domain name, and valid return e-mail address;
  • Establish a toll-free telephone number, a valid return e-mail address, or another “easy-to-use” electronic method by which a recipient can notify the sender to stop sending e-mail and prominently disclose this information in e-mail messages;
  • Establish and maintain the necessary policies and records to ensure that consumers’ requests not to receive additional e-mail will be honored.
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